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    Based on the objectives you seek to accomplish in terms of electrification, our consultants will find the optimal solution for you among the best cutting-edge EV chargers.

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    Our entirely bespoke approach enables us to shape your vision from the conception to beyond the delivery and guarantee the prosperity of your investment.

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    With over 6 years of experience, we are part of the pioneers in the development of the electrification of transportation in Québec. We mobilize our knowledge in order to guide you to achieve your charging infrastructure projects.

Chargers for commercial and business use

Whether it is for your business, your company or your real estate project, our experts will guide you throughout the various subventions available, to help you complete your projects

240 V EV chargers

Compatible with every type of electric vehicle, 240v chargers offer an added value to your customers and an added benefit for your employees. Multiple types of installations are available for these EV chargers, to better suit the needs of your business or company.

Borne de recharge

Wall-mounted solution

A wall-mounted installation is ideal for real-estate, residential buildings and for most businesses. This installation requires access to the electrical panels inside the property, in order to properly integrate the charger on an exterior wall. With its aluminum build the FLO Core+ EV charger is a polyvalent option that offers several essential characteristics for commercial use including the ability to limit and control access to the charger through an RFID card or the FLO app.

solution sur piédestal

Pedestal solution

A pedestal installation is very polyvalent and can easily adapt to most types of outdoor parking like a business, apartment complex, public parking-lot and even curbside parking. The FLO Core+ EV charger is available in a wide array of pedestal configurations including double or single and with or without a cable management system. This EV charger also supports a cascading kit (power sharing) that allows multiple chargers to be serially installed on the same electrical circuit, which in turn minimizes the installation costs and facilitates future expansion.

Fast EV chargers

Fast chargers allow to charge at a range of up to 250km /h comparatively to a range of 40 km / h with the 240v EV chargers. This type of infrastructure is more suited for vehicle fleets, for rest areas or charging centers near highways or for quick stop businesses.

Chargeur rapide FLO SMART DC

Fast charger FLO SmartDC

The fast chargers FLO Smart DC with a direct current are compatible with every type of electric vehicle due to their SAE J1772 combo and CHAdeMO connectors. These fast chargers are available in two power configurations a 50 KW or a 100KW. The FLO SmartDC also possesses several key characteristics for commercial and business use, such as an access card reader, a connectivity to the FLO network and a robust build to protect it from any weather.


IES Wallbox Keywatt G3

The fast EV charger Wallbox Keywatt 24kw form IES is an ideal charging solution for residential complexes, businesses and vehicle fleets with interior parking. These smart EV chargers are compatible simultaneously with an alternative current and direct current and provides a fast-charging range of up to 125/h.

Prefabricated cement infrastructure

Our prefabricated cement infrastructure represents a plug and play removable solution that can adapt to your projects. Regardless if you are leasing or if you own a commercial space, this type of installation entirely assembled and fabricated in a factory will facilitate the integration of any charging solution at your business. Our prefabricated cement bases are completely bespoke to fit your needs and they are compatible with any type of 240 EV charger and fast charger.

Infrastructure de béton préfabriquée

Residential EV chargers

By combining our concern for quality with the charging solutions from the largest EV charging networks in Canada, we guarantee to find the residential EV charging solution to fit your needs among the best 240v EV chargers

The most recommended choice

The most recommended choice

The FLO home G5 EV charger is proudly fabricated in Québec and is the most recommended EV charger for a residential installation. Its sturdy aluminum build with an anthracite finish and its 25-foot charging cable, guarantee easy and reliable use all summer and winter long.

Meilleur choix protégez-vous
image famille
The smart choice

The smart choice

The FLO home X5 EV charger is designed for those who are looking for a connected and smart solution to charge their vehicle at home. This EV charger can benefit from being connected to the FLO network which grants users complete control over the planning of the charge cycles while continuously monitoring their energetic consumption.

Entrepreneurs and Contractors

No matter the size and the nature of your EV charging infrastructure projects, we are by your side to facilitate and guarantee their completion. You can trust our experts to offer you a solution and support, to meet your needs in terms of integrating EV charging solutions.

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